11 Questions & Answers About HDR

Q&A #1

I get asked a lot of questions about HDR, which I always try to answer. I pulled eleven of these questions so that I could share their answers a little more broadly.

Topics covered in this Video:

  • Using FiLMiC Pro on the iPhone 12
  • Using Calman to validate display calibration
  • Why does HDR often look dark or blinding on consumer TVs and what can filmmakers do about it
  • How do you export HDR out of Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects
  • Why I choose to underexpose PTCs when demoing HDR grading
  • LG CX's HDMI Metadata Override Mode with P3-D65
  • Why I bought the SmallHD OLED 22 instead of the Vision 24
  • How HDR grading can affect noise
  • The difference between Rec. 2020 and Rec. 2100
  • Using an SDR display to render HDR content
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