About MasterHDRVideo

MasterHDRVideo is a learning portal created by HDR Video expert Samuel Bilodeau to allow for professional learning on the subject of High Dynamic Range Video for film & broadcast professionals and independent content creators. Whether you work above the line as a Cinematographer / DP, Director, or Producer, or below the line as a Colorist, Camera Operator, HDR DIT / Technician, Post Production Supervisor, Graphic & Effects Artist on Professional Hollywood or other Studio pieces, International Broadcast Director or Producer, Local Broadcast Director or Producer, or as an independent owner-operator creating advertisements, corporate videos, wedding videos, real estate videos, vlogs, or other influencer style content, or touch video in any other way, HDR is going to change how you work and improve the quality of your content.


There are (or will be) four kinds of content here on this website: Courses, Special Topics (Free), Premium Topics (PPV), and Resources.

Courses are main-line educational content, and are designed as deep dives into the subject of HDR, how it works, and how it affect specific roles within the industry. Currently there are three courses: From Scene to Screen: The HDR Image Pipeline, Shooting In HDR (Coming Soon), and Grading For HDR (Coming Soon), designed for everyone; Cinematographers / DPs, DITs, Camera Operators, and Independent Content Creators; and Colorists, DITs, and Independent Content Creators respectively.

Special Topics (Free) are free short-form segments focusing on a specific part of HDR workflow, demos for using specific tools or applications, reviews of tools, or anything else that will be of benefit for self-directed HDR learning. These videos are cross-posted on https://youtube.com/samuelbilodeau and are freely available, though they are posted here with a substantially better streaming quality.

Premium Topics (PPV) are slightly-longer shortform segments that address specific parts of HDR workflow or deep dives into specific topics that cost more to produce and go beyond general interest in the subject, and are set to pay-per-view to offset the high cost of producing these deep dives for limited audiences.

Resources are static pages or links that will help you with your HDR learning.

About Samuel Bilodeau

Headshot of Samuel Bilodeau looking at the camera.

Samuel Bilodeau has been working in grading and mastering High Dynamic Range video since 2015, and is considered by many to be one of the leading experts in the creative use of HDR and on HDR, HFR, and UHD+ workflows. His blog posts, workshops, presentations, white papers, and research have helped hundreds of creators get started with HDR, and helped many companies from a broad range of markets transition into the new medium.

Through his work at Mystery Box, his clients have included Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, Panasonic, Dolby, AJA Video Systems,  NVIDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, Harmonic, SES, The UltraHD Forum, NHK, and more. He was the lead colorist on the NASA portions of the HDR content shown on the LG  Signature 4K OLED HDR Screens at CES 2016 (the consumer launch of HDR), has authored & consulted for the creation of materials that have evolved into the recommended best practices for shooting HDR for cinema and broadcast television, and has developed workflows to speed the turnaround of 4K & 8K HFR and HDR content.

From 2014-2019, he was the lead colorist on most of the content produced at Mystery Box, including all of the HDR content delivered to the Jacob + Katie Schwarz YouTube channel, and shown on televisions screens in stores around the world. Today you’ll find him working on the creation of new educational materials and trainings related to HDR, consulting more broadly with individuals and companies looking to refine their HDR offerings with a  creative-first HDR strategy, and creating high quality content to make the world a better place.